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Confident and Assertive Communication

  • E-learning

Learn to increase the impact you make on others by communicating in a confident and assertive manner.

Other people don’t necessarily see you the way you want to be seen. On the contrary, it often happens that you come across completely different to what you imagine. It will help you to understand how you come across now, and how you want to come across. In this practical training you make a start with this.


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Finishing this course will reward you with a Online Academy certificate.The certificate will be published in your Online Academy dashboard upon completion of the course.


Increase insight into your own context, power and ambition.Increase your knowledge of communication and power of observation.Increase your knowledge of the aspects of charisma and insight into how you come across.Broaden your knowledge of aspects of influence and increasing impact.Recognise personal obstacles and deal with them effectively.

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This training is for everybody who wants to work on their own charisma and the effect their attitude has on others.


Your access is valid for one year and will not be renewed automatically.