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Programming with PHP

  • E-learning

Start programming by learning this accessible programming language. You will learn the basics of PHP in 5 weeks’ time.

PHP is a basic programming language that is widely used around the world for all kinds of applications. The language is perfectly suited for web development. PHP can be used in a broad way. If you already master HTML, you can use PHP for functions for example. If you have learnt PHP, you will have mastered an important basic language. It is also a good start if you want to become a programmer.


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You can create and execute a PHP file.You can use different types of variables within PHP.You can use different control structures within PHP.You can use different types of loops within PHP.

Student profile

This introduction to programming with PHP is suitable for anyone who wants to start programming. It is one of the more accessible programming languages and prior knowledge of programming is not required for this course.Note: you will need software for this online course. This is available free of charge, but must be installed on your computer. Is this not possible on your business computer? Then it is perhaps an option to follow this course at home.


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